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Free medical care for residents with serious illnesses in China

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Follow us on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chinaforbiddennews Recently, a number of Chinese residents voluntarily came together to sign a letter to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) National Health and Family Planning Commission, asking them to establish and implement a plan for providing free medical care for residents with serious illnesses in China. The letter asks for free medical care to cover everyone, and all cost to be covered by the government and social insurance. \ Will this appeal succeed? "Everyone is Equal in their Right to Life and Health!" A petition letter published on an overseas Chinese website says a Free Medical Care for Serious Illness Plan was applied in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province in March, 2009, and promoters hope to replicate the system throughout China. The medical plan says a treatment costing over 400 yuan is regarded as serious and should be covered by the plan; the cost being paid by the government and social insurance, up to an annual sum of 300,000 yuan. The letter states that countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Canada, plus BRIC countries such as Russia, India and Brazil all provide free medical care, and Cuba and Chile have also done the same. China not only has no free health care system; its public hospitals have become a high-profit, money-making industry. On top of that, the government's minimal funding is unfairly distributed, mostly allocated to the millions of CCP members and government officials, says the letter, creating a hidden, serious social problem, leaving people with a low income and serious illnesses no option but to wait for death. The deadline of the appeal November 30. There are already four batches of signers, a total of 630 people. Beijing activist, Ye Jinghuan who signed the letter, told NTD that she feels for those who do not have money for treatment; she saw such people when she took her mother to the hospital. Ye Jinghuan: "I see a lot of people who give up treatment and go home to die, a lot of them; I'm very sad that lives are lost because of lack of money." Ye Jinghuan believes the authorities are fully capable of providing free health care nation-wide. Ye Jinghuan: “China has the economic strength to do it; it was said yesterday that its economy is second worldwide.” “So why is China behind in terms of health care, even compared to a country rated at number 100 economically?” China Week reported in 2011 that the World Health Organization (WHO) had clearly warned the CCP authorities that the government should fund the most basic public health so that hospitals will not have to ask patients for money. Data from the CCP Family Planning Commission indicates that China's health expenditure in 2013 was expected to reach more than 3.1-trillion yuan, of which personal spending accounted for about one-third. In other words, the combined total of residents' personal medical expenditures reached around one-trillion yuan; economic pressure on people seeing doctors remains high. U.S. based political commentator Chen Pokong said in 2006 that in terms of public health, the CCP ensures the interests of power groups and neglects its public duty; it has committed crimes against the Chinese people! Chen Yufei from Chengdu City is another activist who signed the appeal. He says the money to implement a free medical care system will actually come from the people, and he only hopes the government will not waste the money. Chen Yunfei: "The CCP says it is here to serve the people, but it actually exploits the people.” “It should implement free medical care, or else people can't survive; they'll have no choice but to overthrow the CCP." So, what do co-signers expect to see on the medical plan? Ye Jinghuan: "I think things might improve with our appeal, but it is very difficult to implement it across China.” “I think the government at all levels do not think of the people and do not care about the life or death of the people." Chen Yunfei says no matter what the outcome, the people are in pain and crying out; their voice should be heard in society. 《神韵》2014世界巡演新亮点 http://www.ShenYunPerformingArts.org/
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