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Postpartum Depression A Serious, Treatable Condition

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Dr. Eugene Scioscia, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the West Penn Allegheny Health System, talks about the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression in this outstanding feature story on Pittsburgh's PBS affiliate WQED-TV. Considered a common and serious risk of pregnancy, postpartum depression screening is critical so that appropriate therapy can be recommended to those suffering from it.
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Ashly jackson (3 дня назад)
"relaxing mama tea" by secretsoftea is a fine cure to battle postnatal depression as this isnt the condition that occurred due to shock or continuous stress but the base of the conditions arise after the baby arrives. curable through a healthy diet and support from closer ones and of course this tea also plays a vital part.
Learning as I go (3 месяца назад)
In four years I never went for help because of fear of getting my boys taken away. Back in June 2018 (3rd was born February 2018) I walked into the counseling center with all three boys. The thoughts of suicide were too much. Four years ago after first I had a dramatic birth. Then two years of false accusations via CYS and the neighbors turning us into the township. I NEVER EVER had any thoughts of harming the boys. Me, yes many times. I live with depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I am beautifully broken. Words do not define who I am. All I can do is keep moving forward. ♥️
karen zaldana (2 года назад)
Thank you so much
Dee Ways (2 года назад)
My wife has ppd she refuses to take meds or talk to her doctor my son is almost 8 months and it keep getting worse im trying to get her to try a support group but she gets very angry soon as i mention anything about depression its destroying our life plz help
Oculus Rift (2 года назад)
As a husband I know how helpless you feel, show her this video. You need to re-gain her trust by listening to her and not judging her. As an example of how she feels (although different), imagine if you could not get an erection anymore to satisfy your wife...............even if she said dont worry you are still a man to me.........you would not believe her because you strongly feel you are not a real man anymore.
Nat (2 года назад)
This is so interesting, I feel bad for the moms
CarolsVideos (2 года назад)
I just called my doctor two days ago and got an appointment right away... Just that first step made m feel better already. everyone... Call your doctor! I called my OB/GYN. They will not judge you. Just do it. Get over that first hump. I said "I think I'm going through something that's a little more than the baby blues" and they knew right away what I was talking about. You can do it.
Cikirinka (2 года назад)
I had a pospastum depresion after 3 days when my girl birdh. Its a very horrible feeling,but everyone in my family helped me,so i feel fine again:) My doughter is my life...
Caribbean Queen (3 года назад)
I feel like im going through this same thing😔sad part is i have noone to help me get through this ,my family members i cant trust them because of betrayal and deception, so im just gonna talk to my doctor.
Melissa Barone (2 года назад)
Stay Strong. I promise you will get well. I went thru the same thing and 8 months later I am now so strong and created sweetelly.com
iamfree (2 года назад)
+Sagittarius Alexander Well, my daughter in law went through this and thought I was betraying her and being mean and cruel to her, but it was part of her illness. I was just trying to help her but she wouldn't have anything to do with me, or her friends or other family. She isolated herself until she thought she was alone. Blew off her friends, me, etc.
Mirjam Weibel (2 года назад)
Stay strong ❤️
Allegheny Health Network (3 года назад)
You're welcome
Caribbean Queen (3 года назад)
Thank you
Holli Austin (3 года назад)
Jessy joe.. How did the doctors help you? Im very scared and feel like im out of control and losing my mind
Sarah G (4 года назад)
John Smith you know nothing about this illness. I had it and I NEVER harmed my daughter. She is a healthy, clever and beautiful 3 year old. She has not suffered at all from me having PPD. In fact she was the reason I dragged myself out of bed every morning when all I wanted to do was jump off a bridge. Through all the torment I suffered I still fed, bathed, clothed, played with her and anything my daughter needed she got. If you watched the video you will see that none of the mothers that were interviewed hurt their kids. You know shit about giving birth and the physical and emotional journey us women go through. You fucking dumbass
Anony Mrs (27 дней назад)
You do realize not all moms have that’s self control with PPD? Or PPP??
Lasilya Begum (9 месяцев назад)
All ignorant men are fucking dumbass
JLogefeil (4 года назад)
Agree with you
Jamiee Ayanah (4 года назад)
This is terrible :(
Jenine De La Cruz (5 лет назад)
Very informing I just wished my mom would have Gotten help and not felt lost.
Jeanette Orozco (5 лет назад)
Yes this is terrible experience .. I had post partum depression days after my son was born. But since i have a supportive husbend and family i got the help i need it.. And thank god im.better then ever now my son is 2 years and im very thankful to god for helping me to.
MsMamassita (5 лет назад)
Why is this happening to women....god this is terrible

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