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How I Made an Indian Scammer LOSE IT (Mental Breakdown)

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I called this same scammer over and over again, and he absolutely loses his mind. Send out the TAX SCAMMER prank in my app for FREE right now! http://own.ag/app [26 more countries just added!] Subscribe: http://own.ag/youtube Watch more ABDO pranks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtMSohsyph0&list=PLFSKBmzmv_IuN-iQXx4cKlBfTvtekADSS Follow Ownage Pranks: Facebook: http://facebook.com/OwnagePranks Twitter: http://twitter.com/OwnagePranks 2nd channel / Reveals: http://youtube.com/MrOwnagePranks Merchandise: http://ownagepranks.spreadshirt.com Watch more pranks! Billy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nba0RLtqQSQ&list=PL8222F879FE392871 Tyrone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0-X1-1lk-Q&list=PL6B0C15344DDD1BCA Buk Lau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmTiqKPnhiQ&list=PL6943A5E1575B5DC2 Rakesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW_D1Cg1k1E&list=PL93BF665FB764E746
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Ownage Pranks (10 месяцев назад)
Welcome back notification squad :D This Sunday's video is a treat, this callcenter manager absolutely HATES ME at this point lol. I'm trying to find his new number to call back even more (they change numbers often). Please drop a Like on the vid if you dig it, and go check out the new (FREE to send) Tax Scammer Awareness prank in the app! http://own.ag/app It'll get some pretty hilarious reactions out of people. I also just added 26 more countries you can dial to! List- Jordan Iraq Lebanon Libya Yemen Syria Oman Palestine Sudan Bahrain Algeria Kuwait Morocco, Somalia Mauritania Tunisia Comoros Djibouti Malta Lithuania, Latvia Iceland Estonia Czech Republic Kenya Hungary Have fun :) -Russ
Mohammad Tohidi (2 дня назад)
I'm also getting called constantly by 713-935-6795. The dude's really retarded. He said to me literally, and I quote, "from now and on I will call you 10,000 times". I thought you could mess with with this guy since (that is, if you want to) he's much of a phone bully. I've been called from the past two days. I've literally turned my phone completely off so the guy won't call me over and over again.
pj tavares (7 дней назад)
werewolfes mamoths (9 дней назад)
we all know that indian full with scammer today..lol
Camille Triboulet-Hall (9 дней назад)
Ownage Pranks ha ha ha!
Jeivek K (16 дней назад)
Oman and Kuwait 🙂🙂
AWS Architect (2 дня назад)
India scams everywhere! Try working in IT!!! Funny!
Que3n- (2 дня назад)
Lmfao... League of Legends isn't available on Steam.
Frog Prince (2 дня назад)
Add me on league of legends OCE server FROG PR1NCE
A ѕ т я σ η α c н т (1 день назад)
These sound almost like electronic voices.
Gregory Hammer (1 день назад)
same as Raja from Bank of Baroda 😂😂😂 Geo location is legit works like a charm.
MrOramato (1 день назад)
Publish the number so we can all counter scam
Google Account (1 день назад)
I don't know if you're really calling an Indian call center but if you are I love you man I hate them so f****** bad they call me every other day and try to get me to turn my computer on and I wish that you are really calling them and pranking them it makes me feel so good to know this is happening
Vishal Patel (1 день назад)
Sorry not Indian but from another Country. Just an FYI
DAVID EASTWOOD (1 день назад)
man pham (1 день назад)
Play League of legends on steam 🤣🤣🤣 oh the irony
blue gravity (1 день назад)
Please post the numbers, the always spoof the number
Vision Double (1 день назад)
hey do more of these and put the number out so your loyal viewers can waste their time as well man the more time we waste of these fucking scammers the less money these cockroaches can steal!
Aicha Bah (1 день назад)
So funny men
art iyo (1 день назад)
These indian scammers are fucking disgrace to my country. These should be shot on head. Period. Lowest scumbags on earth. What the fuck is the Indian government and police doing? Do they get a cut from these scammers? Madarchods bhenchods
Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts (22 часа назад)
I can't understand why you can't leave the phone numbers off these scammers so everyone can get involved and take these Fuckers!
Anindya Ghosh (22 часа назад)
Abdoo was awesome
jabran anwar (20 часов назад)
not indian but asiani say... but enjoyed it alot handsup
Boomer and Boost (20 часов назад)
That's not Indian accent.
jummon koshai (20 часов назад)
All the Indians in da Houz are denying their fellow brethren 😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Barron pixlepeople llc (15 часов назад)
Please post the number so we can all call!
complex_coder (13 часов назад)
Lol... That was epic... 😂😂😂
Asher Jack (13 часов назад)
Stay on the phone😂😂😂, *im busy😂😂😂😂
Lorene Eric Biglow (12 часов назад)
call scammer 1-202-316-6491. by the way it was funny .
Lorene Eric Biglow (12 часов назад)
try 1-202-316-6491 scammer is about giving money away for $200. they wont talk to me anymore. lol
Lazaro Chairez (11 часов назад)
Anybody notice that scammer sound like Steven hawking
Nawid Yusuf (10 часов назад)
They sound Asian.
EveryThing Tech (9 часов назад)
hey u took my name
GOLF CODE WEEKLY (8 часов назад)
Publish their number, I want to ring them!
Minimalist Vlogger (8 часов назад)
8:54 what city is that???
Madam Maiden (7 часов назад)
the best part is your cracking up right after they hang up on you, and the warmth in your voice when you say "okay let's call them back." you're killing me.
SyncKid (5 часов назад)
League is not on steam
Raj Srivastav (4 часа назад)
Victor Yanac (4 часа назад)
What is the number ? so i can call Lol
Wesson B (9 минут назад)
How come indian sounds eastern european
Lazlo 63 (2 часа назад)
Stupid Indians they creepy as fuck.
Vidhya sagar (3 часа назад)
The scammer doesn't sound Indian at all... but the rakesh imitation is quite good.. :'D
Abhingam Majumdar (3 часа назад)
Don't think it's an Indiam scam center. Sounds more oriental, especially the lady's accent. Indian accent has that odd twang.
carl hernandez (6 часов назад)
This people in INDIA are buying MAgicJack internet phones and they can get phone USA phone numbers ..
Javier Madriz (8 часов назад)
What's the # so I could call
Uncle Deez (9 часов назад)
Fuckin arabs
samana1fromsomalia (11 часов назад)
I swear, every time I call a tech company and an Indian picks up, I think twice about given them my card number.
Aron Skipp (12 часов назад)
These scammrs phone england up as well just not about itunes wish i had there nunber id ring them up none stop
Spoopi West (15 часов назад)
The like button is magnetic
Sarah Robeson (16 часов назад)
Thomas Baron (16 часов назад)
OMG that southern accent killed me! LOL xD
RAW SON (17 часов назад)
These are called blue chips company in India ... Indians are world greatest scammer... They have Scamming Talent.
Scott Wakefield (18 часов назад)
Sounds like Latka from Taxi. “You stupid...why you so stupid?”
Mary Rose Chmiel (1 день назад)
What the hell is wrong with Indians not telling the difference between a man and a woman voice?
Dante Chappell (1 день назад)
piece of shit indians. Get a fucking job. Go to Medical School like your parents told you to do
Industry92 Mash ups (1 день назад)
LMAO this is awesomely hilarious 😆👏😅
Mazin Mamari (1 день назад)
Indian stinky donkeys
Mazin Mamari (1 день назад)
fucking indian go back to your fucking stupid country 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 country of cows
Mazin Mamari (1 день назад)
send fuck indian and pia mother fuckers home
Cali Love (1 день назад)
All the scammers disliked the video! Lol 😂
Chris Delacruz (1 день назад)
samozafudbal cudaginem (1 день назад)
Indian people are gypsy Worst shits in world Fuck them Ugly people ugly language
Juan Romero (1 день назад)
When I get a call from these asshole I just play along until they know that l am not giving them shit !!!
Avee Player Master (1 день назад)
Dirty Indians.. not only are they pedos, but also scammers
Hate Arabs (11 часов назад)
And they love to gang rape!
Saint - (1 день назад)
The scammer sounds like gatis kandis
KY S. (1 день назад)
Anshaj (1 день назад)
The scammer isn't Indian. I know the accent
wako (1 день назад)
I too enjoy working for the paperwork am busy
Zaku Htet (1 день назад)
"""Professional"""" """Government Official""": Why you so stupid? Don't be so stupid!
trbcop Rrrr (1 день назад)
Haha Henry Coleman is an stupid 🐒
Sidharth Ratnam (2 дня назад)
He wasn't Indian bro
Joey Carroll (2 дня назад)
“Ya donkey” “No money for you you’re not us citizen” 😂
Drew M (2 дня назад)
First time watching one of you videos, I have some advice... Dont laugh like shaggy dog everytime someone hangs up... especially when it's quicker calls... got really fucking annoying.
NinjaKitten (2 дня назад)
Keenan Pather (2 дня назад)
Sounds more like a Russian dude and a Chinese chick
Zach Zach (2 дня назад)
Un Known (2 дня назад)
Crazy efforts. This was funny!!
Rachel London (2 дня назад)
Thanks for the laugh and for exposing creeps.
MsBamafanatic (2 дня назад)
GC Tv Tv (2 дня назад)
Indians are scammers they even work together with Nigerians, but the world just think Nigerians are the only country that scarms
momo 53664 (2 дня назад)
This is so funny
Joe Leal (2 дня назад)
haha.. keep it up!!!
Tammy Gunnell (2 дня назад)
This is hilarious!!! Good for scammin these scammers!!! 😂
CMPortugual (2 дня назад)
What's the number?
John Pick (2 дня назад)
Lol...U es Stoopid
LAGRIFFE ENZO (2 дня назад)
absolutely..... AWESOME! they diserved every pieces of it!!
المنسي عبد الله (2 дня назад)
I received the same call from an india scammer named Charles Richardson oO
Islem Hocini (2 дня назад)
the second he said habibti i lost it
Eric Varney (3 дня назад)
Your my hero thank you
Irish Joe (3 дня назад)
fayau fontilus (3 дня назад)
u so fucking funny
Milkman4279 (3 дня назад)
This is so beautiful. You could just call him names and hang up on him, but that scammer is going to HATE answering the phone or calling people after this. Good job!!!
james dostie (3 дня назад)
u r a fucking retarded,get a fucking life asshole
Kingpin (3 дня назад)
He sounds chinese tbh
samrat chakraborty (3 дня назад)
It's shameful and awful! 😢😢
Girish M (3 дня назад)
Fuck u that's not Indian assent idiot
Sami Wolves (3 дня назад)
I’m laughing so much😂😂😂😂😂
Amon Re (3 дня назад)
This is so amazing man.
James Hughes (3 дня назад)
Wish someone would publish numbers for these scum bags
Junpei19 Iroi (3 дня назад)
8:21 😂😂😂😂 damn hes tearing down that place
Junpei19 Iroi (3 дня назад)
and lol this is a first time i ever heard a female scammer😂😂😂😂😂
Junpei19 Iroi (3 дня назад)
also league of legends 😂😂😂😂😂Good job
Junpei19 Iroi (3 дня назад)
lol good job i show this to my mom and this save both of our lives, thanks you Ownage
Cameroon Cajun (3 дня назад)
What is the number for the grant?
Sum yout00ber (3 дня назад)
hell o my nem is abdol

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