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The Real Downton Abbey

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The popular PBS series "Downton Abbey" has taken the U.S. by storm. But there's a real story behind the castle where the TV show is filmed. Martha Teichner visits Highclere Castle.
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Kathy Overton (27 дней назад)
It's on Amazon Video!
Lawrence Bottorff (1 месяц назад)
The manorial system was how the Old World fed and clothed itself in the face of limited resources. Most people (Americans) simply miss the fact that many millennia before, the people of England had hit a resources wall and, therefore, had to rely on the absolutist monarchical system in order to properly manage the scarce, limited resources -- all while hopefully maintaining high culture. There had to be earls and barons who could keep strict order and punish those who weren't toeing the line. Put plainer, you couldn't have a democratic system where you could simply vote yourself more or this or that. That also meant every peasant couldn't be allowed to play the "self-made man" libertarian like they do here in the New World. However, it's rather unfortunate how the two main functions of an earl like Grantham, i.e., agricultural production and haute culture, were given such short shrift on DA. Sadly, DA was 99% fluff.
ewa 5 (1 месяц назад)
Kocham ten film czy będą dalsze losy bohaterów bo nie mogę się doczekać pozdrawiam ekipę kochani Poland
David Fraser (1 месяц назад)
It's a huge house, the money came from feudalism, claiming a huge swathe of land from ordinary people and forcing them to pay taxes and work for free on the land. The same farmers and villagers also had to pay a tithe tax to the church.
Lynne Skuza (1 месяц назад)
Linda J (3 месяца назад)
What else is new, the British stealing expensive things from other countries and getting richer from them.
PS (3 месяца назад)
What an amazing nation Britain was! They ruled our country India, then they divided us and 70 years after they have gone, India is again constant turmoil of Hindu Muslim hated,
Mick (3 месяца назад)
They are the earl and countess!
Gill Kolby (4 месяца назад)
That’s great that it is open to tourism and the real Earl is able to preserve his legacy
Angelica Luce (4 месяца назад)
"I refuse to be the earl who dropped the torch and let the flame go out" Said by an actor - but needs to be heard by ALL BRITONS- DON'T LET THE FLAME GO OUT!. from KING ARTHUR to WINSTON CHURCHILL to the PRESENT. PLEASE PROTECT BRITAIN!
Lea Sparkle (5 месяцев назад)
why not  show all t truth about them??? t hunting parties-hunting kids in t woods ,shot them and eat them- and this is just a tip of t iceberg about 'aristocracy'. for all of u who think i'm ...insane : DO U FU$$£NG research ! finally wake up, idiots! u r nothing but SLAVES,wanna 2 sleep some more. its t END  and we, t people, will not let u sleep! much love.
Joel LXVI (6 месяцев назад)
I LOVE this family ! THE mother of the Comte is fabulous
hackman (7 месяцев назад)
Isis! 0:10, 0:35, 1:51, 5:18
yasyfa radiany (7 месяцев назад)
That place must be haunted
Sumida Ryogoku (7 месяцев назад)
I love the look on Maggie Smith's face when Shirley McLaine singing..😀😀😀
Centrist Philosopher (8 месяцев назад)
6:08 British Prime Ministers Countess, British Prime Ministers....
Kreative Pulp (9 месяцев назад)
Good for them.
keilafsc (9 месяцев назад)
I loved!😘
AxelSituation (9 месяцев назад)
Why does the narrator keep mispronouncing the name? it is NOT High -Clear, it is pronounced High Clair.
David Fraser (1 месяц назад)
Who cares.
Leibo07 (10 месяцев назад)
I do hope that they had a Barrow and Sarah O'Brien for real staff ...
Amber De Smet (11 месяцев назад)
blue horrible golf survey dealer sequence court employ
sohow soon (11 месяцев назад)
spot on
Nad jmee (1 год назад)
I wish Lady Carnarvon would have dressed properly to match her Ladyship gorgeous castle
Jonathan Issa (1 год назад)
What I wouldn't give to live as a British aristocrat
Grace O'Hagan (1 год назад)
On the bit where they show the real servants from years ago the headmaid looks really like ms hughes😮
ScionStorm (1 год назад)
Died of a shaved mosquito bite. That sucks.
konijntje (1 год назад)
Just please PLEASE bring Downton Abbey back!
Xosé Manel (1 год назад)
great business!!!
Alba Moreraa (1 год назад)
Impactante historia que me tiene fascinada!! Los escenarios, filmaciones, los actores, las costumbres, absolutamente todo me tiene impactada!!!!
taotoo2 (1 год назад)
Was that Isis?
John Walsh (1 год назад)
It is not a PBS series.
Marige OBrien (1 год назад)
Lovely. There's also a full length (54 minute) documentary about Highclere Castle that's very good.
PotterLatina (1 год назад)
The dogs :3
Ureña Cano (1 год назад)
Porque no es hablado en español?
thekingofmoney2000 (1 месяц назад)
Porque ni el Reino Unido ni los Estados Unidos son países de habla hispana. Aprende un poco de inglés, será beneficioso.
TheAkelei (1 год назад)
It was quite common (and is still, until now as far as I know) to swap money against peerage. So what - if both sides gain from it.....
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+TheAkelei buying peerages is illegal.
Aditi K (1 год назад)
It's amazing how all these earls and landowning aristocratic figures all have these places and positions simply because one of their ancestors was best friends or sucked up to the King.
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+Aditi Kaur, not necessarily so. In many instances in the distant past, land and titles were a reward for military service. In more recent times titles were the reward for political and diplomatic services.
highelf2 (1 год назад)
tax the rich!
wil mer425 (2 дня назад)
I believe in Britan they do tax the rich at 40 to 45%. Thats why they have rich social service programs
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+highelf2 Today's rich are pop stars, footballers, figures in the world of entertainment and international businessmen the majority of whom live abroad.
Oswaldo Jimenez (1 год назад)
why didn't they include the Toutankhamon story in Downtown show?...it would have been epic.
James King (1 месяц назад)
That’s why his dogs had Egyptian names
Selim El Garhy (1 год назад)
Oswaldo Jimenez there's actually a drama tv series that talks about lord carnavon and howard carter in the egyptian revolution on ITV: "tutankhamen".
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+Oswaldo Jimenez perhaps because the family living at "Downton Abbey" didn't have anything to do with the Tutankhamen story.
John Whiting (1 год назад)
I love, love, love this!
Martin O.Malley (1 год назад)
The privileged few being kept by the masses.Makes me want to vomit.
tacos mexicanstyle (1 год назад)
Gordon Smith I agree. If you think the aristocrats like the Canarvons who hold this estate are really rich and wealthy then you're wrong. They don't actually own anything, they "hold" the assets of the land and the house and are tasks with the tradition of management of the estate to keep it up. Their job is to retain the house (which is a huge financial burden) and are for life required to oversee farming and food production, ie where the UK gets it's produce from. When an earl dies, the government takes so much of their money in form of death tax. When anything on their land goes wrong (farmers need new equipment, a flood happens, tenants' private homes get destroyed etc) then it's the earl who pays for it. Recently, the Duke of Northumberland sold off $14m worth of family assets in order to provide money to repair damage to the homes of people on the estate after a flood ravaged the area. The Duke also dug into his pocket to provide aid to a neighbouring community. If it weren't for these land owners, it would be the government forking out this money. The aristocracy and monarchy system have social responsibility and actually help the government to manage the nation jointly, sometimes in ways that the government cannot
Oswaldo Jimenez (1 год назад)
nothing has changed in 100 years.... it's very sad
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+Oswaldo Jimenez Today's exploiters are the so-called 'liberators' and 'Fathers of the People'
GioiaFede (1 год назад)
also, does this make the tv show any less informative, entrataining, artistically well made or the story any less interesting or worth being told?
Gordon Smith (1 год назад)
+Martin O.Malley 1: no one is forcing anyone to visit Highclere Castle. 2: Thousands of 'ordinary' people look on these country houses as part of our common national heritage - after all, it was people like us who built these houses, painted the portraits, made furniture, the glass and the silverware. 3: Would you rather the owners of these historic houses sold off everything to other rich people, pocketed the money and went off to live somewhere with a decent climate without worries about dry-rot and death duties? 4: If the Earl of Carnarvon had sold up and had the house demolished would it have made you any happier?
procopius (1 год назад)
So basically Rothschild's money was involved
dsatt57 (1 год назад)
Actually it's been featured in a few movies
ocachisu (1 год назад)
The castle was falling apart and the owners couldn't afford to care for it. It was the success of Downtown Abbey that gave the castle life again.
Fled From Nowhere (8 месяцев назад)
Weebs DansGame
Evelyn Farland (11 месяцев назад)
Toni Ferrell
Marige OBrien (1 год назад)
They were struggling, yes. But they had already begun opening it to the public and offering it as a special event venue. But Downton Abbey gave it a very big boost. Plus, the revenue from the show itself (they were paid to use the castle for the location, of course) helped them restore many of the rooms.
Toni Ferrell (1 год назад)
Casas Decoraciones (1 год назад)
por favor subtitulos en español no todos sabemos ingles
Mary K. Ivanetich, B.S. (2 года назад)
Dear Julian Fellowes,  Can you do me a favor and locate the estate of Mr. Peter Andrew Firth of Scotland near the Castle of Queen Mary of Scotland?  He is the grandfather of my cousin's husband's grandfather who has a hereditary title in the House of Peers of Scotland.   Please reply below.   Sincerely, Miss Mary Kate, Diplomat   2016 M.K.I.
Jana Svehlova (1 год назад)
Methven Arundell Mb
Methven Arundell (1 год назад)
Also, "House of Peers of Scotland" is meaningless and do you mean Mary Queen of Scots and not "Queen Mary of Scotland"? Also, which castle, she resided in various castles and who exactly has the hereditary title? Sorry, but a lot of your query makes no sense at all to a Brit.
Methven Arundell (1 год назад)
Mary, I am in London but I don't fully understand your post. If he is the Grandfather of your cousin's husband's Grandfather then surely he is deceased? He therefore 'was' and not 'is'? And by estate do you mean the estate as in a will or estate as in bricks and mortar?
Marianne T Sites (1 год назад)
...So people, help get this message to Julian or anyone who can assist...
Marianne T Sites (1 год назад)
Mary Ivanetich, B.S., This would be excellent if done, we all need each others' assistance on these things, as anything to do with family history and genealogy is the most valuable thing we can do--helping our descendants learn to help preserve family history, precious mementoes and stories. Knowing where progenitors lived and came from motivates them to help preserve their history and teach their children to do the same, and not for the sake of nobility or privilege, but rather for ties that bind loved ones together. #ancestry.com #familysearch.com #relative finder
callum1131 (2 года назад)
American's are such a pathetic race.
Eggsn Bakon (2 месяца назад)
I like Americans. They did help end WW2 and given so much in aid to so many countries including mine. So, I became one. My country and the US have always had good relations and nicer than my old country's neighbors who treat us like crap. I married an American, and am happy in an interracial marriage and living my own version of American dream. Callum, if you are American and hate being one, feel free to make room for people who want to be one. If you're not American, then thank your parents you're not here! As one of the sub-cultures here say "hang loose" or "chill" - enjoy life. Leave hate in the trash.
Rhonda Price (3 месяца назад)
Then with a comment such as that I would say that you must be an American
Ari Onassis-Sugen (8 месяцев назад)
however they did a wonderfull job ..... helping to end ww 2......thank you AMERICA !!!
TheAkelei (1 год назад)
And Americans is written without the apostrophe..
Nkechi Nnachetta (1 год назад)
callum1131 ... pretty sure 'American' isn't a race.
Ana Maria Ramos Paula (2 года назад)
Amei essa série! !!! Assisti 6 x inteiras,3 x às partes principais!
Ana Maria Ramos Paula (2 года назад)
Amei essa série! !!! Assisti 6 x inteiras,3 x às partes principais!
iamintheburg (2 года назад)
Wonder if the family - and the Estate of Highclere - will have any claim to a portion of any new artifacts that are expected to be unearthed in just-discovered chambers inside the tomb of Tutankhamun......?
Eggsn Bakon (2 месяца назад)
No. Probably limited agreement or rather % share of findings only at that time. Egypt is actually making trades, negotiating, buying etc. for some of the artifacts to come back to Egypt. The old governments basically sold them to foreigners who seem cared more about the history than the Egyptians did at the time.
iTube22100 (2 года назад)
Eating without the table cloth it is not elegant at all
The Gay Catholic (10 месяцев назад)
Agreed. The Downton Abbey version looks much nicer.
Gisa W Slonim (1 год назад)
The British do not use tablecloths but prefer place mats. In France, however, tablecloths are essential and were brought to France, together with ice cream and various culinary delights as well as knives (to be used at the table!), by Catherine de Medici of Italy. I myself prefer tablecloths but, having some Aussies for lunch one day gave them place mats which they appreciated and commented on, wondering why the rest of the world (outside of Australia) did not prefer them. The answer to that is that one country's preference is another country's bad manners.
laliday (1 год назад)
Why buy a beautiful wooden table if you have to put an ugly cloth over it?
iTube22100 (1 год назад)
English traditions are not always the best, sometimes they are not at all
Edmund Charles (1 год назад)
Who are we to argue with the high traditions of diningestablished at an English Lord and Lady's grand estate, not I for one!
Nandakishore N (2 года назад)
W-O-AAA-W! All of it makes the serial Downton Abbey much more incredibly real.
Shadowkoi Dragon Master2791 (2 года назад)
This was such a great series,& wish they could do more.
John K Lindgren (2 года назад)
4:14 "And he died in 1923" HOW OLD WAS HE? Bad journalism?!!! Bangkok-Johnnie
John K Lindgren (2 года назад)
2:05 Look at that cow in blue jeans.OMG! Bangkok-Johnnie www.pattayatoday.net
Regina AlhosVedros (2 года назад)
In Herefordshire there are actually two properties that are called Downton Castle and Downton Hall!
Kevin E (2 года назад)
I wish they'd do a documentary on how the actual staff of these homes lived and were treated.
mckavitt13 (2 месяца назад)
Kevin E If you watch the British tv series Upstairs, Downstairs, you will get a good & v entertaining idea. I strongly recommend it.
PurelyAfrican (8 месяцев назад)
Bbc four did a doc on servants of stately homes recently. You may find it on YouTube
littlesmew (11 месяцев назад)
Kevin E umm you missed the one that was on BBC 2 last year called 'Servants'. It was wonderful even the presence of the annoying Lucy Worsely couldn't ruin it.
Bobbie Long (11 месяцев назад)
There is a 3 part documentary on u tube called "Servants; The true story of lie below stairs. Check it out
ana iglesias (1 год назад)
Kevin E I saw documentary in youtube about that. it was a 3 part documentary , started in the XIX century with glims on how service was before then and finish in our current ave.
mikemer79 (2 года назад)
you can put lot of refugees inside
Ari Onassis-Sugen (8 месяцев назад)
be an example....
The Gay Catholic (10 месяцев назад)
Or house the homeless
Jasmin LM (11 месяцев назад)
Àleifr Klingfjordr if you wouldn't have stolen their food they maybe wouldn't
Àleifr Klingfjordr (1 год назад)
And African children could eat the grass of the lawn
elanacar (2 года назад)
She couldn't have dressed a little nicer for the interview? She looks like she's going out to slop the pigs.
kgs42 (1 месяц назад)
Ha! That's the British aristocracy for you. They don't care what they look like .... they don't need to!
JD Moore (7 месяцев назад)
JD Moore (7 месяцев назад)
Kevin Burke (11 месяцев назад)
I doubt that. Rich people don't stay rich by wasting money.
Szi Mari (2 года назад)
It was very interesting! I like Downton Abbey series.
Barbara Samar (2 года назад)
I lv this show very sad to see it go.
Yunaii 00 (2 года назад)
Well there're romurs that the show'll get a movie.
Natural Ice Mastodon (2 года назад)
+Barbara Samar Me too!
Chivalry Wright (2 года назад)
My family has had a story like that of Downton Abbey.. But the difference was that my father passed away while I was still a minor..I was supposed to be the legal heir of things, including the ancestral house, but was not allowed to decide things over since I wasn't of age yet.. My mum was the one who decided things and she simply thought of starting a new life and sold the house :( :( :( If I were old enough then to be allowed to decide, I would be like the Crawleys who never give up and do everything to keep their ancestral house..
Horatio Huskisson (7 дней назад)
Can you ever forgive your mother for such a betrayal?
Judith Kennedy (6 месяцев назад)
Chivalry Wright u
Natural Ice Mastodon (2 года назад)
+Chivalry Wraith Hope you forgave your mom!
Minisha Deepu 2 (2 года назад)
oh dear, I dream to be an aristocrat n have an ancestral home
Rachel Clark (2 года назад)
+Chivalry Wraith My ancestral home is Alton Towers. It breaks my heart to see it as a theme park. So disrespectful
Steven Charles (2 года назад)
I would never inherit that amount of money. I would be happy to earn every penny of it.
John Maddin (3 года назад)
Basically thedecadent lives of mega rich folk who payed next to no taxes and who had a lot of influence on governmental policies that then went onto to benefit them so very much like today's UK and USA.
flake452 (30 дней назад)
Larissa The American colonists rebelled against the gentry, parliament was run by the upper classes.
Larissa Maddas (30 дней назад)
You didn't watch the show did you? They owed heavy taxes. There is an episode about that. The British loved taxing their subjects, after all. That is why there is America. Do you think that because American Colonialist rebelled against taxation that the landed gentry of England also rebelled? Mmmm???....No.
flake452 (2 месяца назад)
The Aristocracy of Britain gained their wealth simply by stealing land.
ClicketyClack (3 месяца назад)
Income tax began in 1913 in USA.
Yaelra R. (4 месяца назад)
John Maddin I was never employed by a poor person. The wealthy end up giving literally hundreds of jobs. Being jealous is pathetic. And decadence? Poor people ate just as decadent.Finally, in America, taxes didn't even begin until the 1930s. Downton's period is 1910s-1920s.
anna (3 года назад)
Omg I wanna go there !!!!!
TheCWMHALL (3 года назад)
The jeans do nothing for her,perhaps when she sees herself on film, the countess will opt for another mode of dress.
Mick (3 месяца назад)
I very much doubt that. She is not a shallow pretentious person . She has lovely clothes and wears them when she wants to!
Kevin Burke (11 месяцев назад)
The jeans make her more down to earth and approachable. She seems like a nice lady who is helping to preserve a beautiful English country house.
RVK (1 год назад)
TheCWMHALL I think it's cool of her. She could decide to wear expensive clothing but wearing jeans makes her seem down-to-earth and humble
marie lynne (2 года назад)
And she has a castle and you don't. She doesn't have to care what she looks likes in jeans.
suzie xu (3 года назад)
ahhh she has an "isis". i wish isis weren't killed off for whatever reason. oh i will miss isis, really.
bendabledoll (3 года назад)
You deserve to be bitten by Isis. I hope nobody reads your spoilers.
Lodewijk Abrahams (3 года назад)
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Ronald Dunwoody (3 года назад)
Many people probably don't know that the Earl of Carnarvon has Andrew Lloyd Webber as his neighbor.Funny thing, one man worked for his money while the other inherited it.
Dee Wilson (7 месяцев назад)
Where did the inherited $ come from? Who was the first and why?
MrUhwoody (2 года назад)
+Jack Daniels --Touche.
Jeffrey Lockhart (2 года назад)
+Ronald Dunwoody I read somewhere that Webber (worth 1.2 Billion) tried to buy the Carnarvon estate.  This caused a rift and distance between the two.
Jack Daniels (2 года назад)
+Ronald Dunwoody - How should I think of you if you inherited £50 miilion - should I hate you, tax you or be happy for you??
EuroKitty33 (4 года назад)
if you are a fan of Jeeves and Wooster, you recognized this house from many seasons of that British series from decades ago!
VictorLepanto (4 года назад)
Has anyone besides me noticed that the plot of Downton is basically "Fiddler On The Roof?" The Earl is Tevia trying to find rich husbands for his daughters.
vangrails (3 года назад)
Isn't that what almost all parents try? 
Felix the Bus (4 года назад)
Wonderful interview, tour and information on Highclere Castle

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